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Fitbit Blaze: the perfect smart watch for cyclists?

Fitbit Blaze: the perfect smart watch for cyclists?

The Fitbit Blaze could be the watch we’ve been waiting for fitbit blaze If you’re after a single product that can act as a cycling computer , while still monitoring other aspects of your lifestyle such as sleep quality and number of steps, then the new Fitbit Blaze could be a good option.

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Launched at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week, the Blaze is the second Fitbit device to incorporate features after the Surge which was released back in 2014. However the Blaze is much more in the smart watch mold, with a larger colour screen similar to the one seen on the Apple Watch.

But back to those fitness features. The Fitbit Blaze includes a heart rate monitor in the strap which means you don’t have to wear a heart rate monitor around your chest, as well as a number of pre-planned workouts which can be downloaded. It also has the ability to recognise your activity (whether it be cycling, running, walking etc.) without you having to tell it what your doing.

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However, there are a few […]

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