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Grouptest Review: Winter Gear

Grouptest Review: Winter Gear

winter gear 2 After a soggy start to 2016, it looks like some proper nippy weather has finally arrived! With this in mind, take a look at our lowdown on these six pieces of off-season kit…
Merrell All Out Terra trail shoes

This is a shoe that could easily have gone wrong. Merrell has loaded it with hardcore trail features, initially leading the cynic in us to predict it was simply a marketing ploy to crank up the price.
Coupled with this reviewer’s past tests of Merrell shoes, which consistently lacked rebound force, things didn’t bode well… yet how wrong we were! This is a fantastic pair of off-road shoes. There’s the built-in sock liner that, though initially a touch too noticeable against the left ankle, soon broke in to keep out detritus; the toe bumpers offered modest protection against jagged stones; and diamond-patterned lugs gripped superbly on mud and trails.
Eclipsing all that is the most important feature – the ride. These are just a beautiful shoe to run in, providing swift and smooth transition from landing to toe-off. They’re not über-light (324g per shoe for our size UK10.5) but that’s a sacrifice worth paying for […]

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