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How would Dave Brailsford make cycling more credible?

How would Dave Brailsford make cycling more credible?

The Team Sky principal has plenty of ideas about how to improve the reputation and credibility of professional cycling

Dave Brailsford at the 2015 Tour of Italy It’s a question that Dave Brailsford has spent a lot of time considering recently, in particular given the atmosphere of negativity and suspicion that surrounded Chris Froome’s victory in the Tour de France last July.

What should be done to make professional cycling more credible?

At the team’s training camp in Majorca this week, Brailsford discussed at length with journalists some of his ideas for improving the credibility and reputation of the sport. Independent physiological testing

Brailsford praised the efforts of Chris Froome and his wife Michelle in arranging independent physiological testing shortly after the Tour de France.

Froome underwent a VO2 max test and two sub-maximal tests at the laboratories of GlaxoSmithKline in August 2015, with the results published alongside selected blood data and historical physiological data in an article in Esquire magazine last December . Chris Froome at the GSK Human Performance Lab, London (Photo:onEdition) “Chris as a rider, and we as a team, get challenged with this whole data release quite a lot, more than any other team,” said Brailsford. “So […]

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