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New Michelin Power tyre range outguns it’s top performing Pro4

New Michelin Power tyre range outguns it’s top performing Pro4

Michelin announces a new road tyre range with significant performance benefits over its current top Pro4 range Michelin has announced the launch on April 1, 2016 of its new ‘Power’ range of three tyres. Developed at the company’s Technology Centre in Ladoux, near its headquarters in Clement Ferrand, France, the new range is claimed to provide significant performance benefits over the company’s current top performing Pro4 road tyre range .

Across its tyre range for motor vehicles, aircraft and cycles, Michelin spends 656m Euros (£498m) annually on research and development.

It claims that the development of the Michelin Power range focussed in detail on the tyres’ rolling resistance, grip and puncture resistance characteristics, with the aim of ensuring better performance and longevity than its predecessor.

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Compared to the Pro4 Service Course tyre, Michelin claims a 10 Watt power gain for its new Power Competition, which it says is equivalent to a gain of 1 minute 25 seconds over 40km at 35kph.

The Power Competition will be offered in 23mm width weighing 195g and 25mm weighing 215g.New Power Endurance offers increased puncture protectionThe Power Endurance is claimed to offer a 20% increase in puncture protection compared to […]

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