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Proposed Missouri law to make cyclists carry 15ft high flag

Proposed Missouri law to make cyclists carry 15ft high flag

The law, though unlikely to make the statute books, is the latest in a long line of kooky rules attempted for cyclists America is home to many things good and bad, including any number of odd laws – or attempts at laws – relating to cycling. While most never make the statute book they nonetheless seem to come up with regularity.

The latest, a House Bill proposed by Missouri’s 10 th District Representative Jay Houton, could make riding into the wind tricky: Houton has proposed all cycles, if riding on a “lettered county road”, the US equivalent of B roads, should bear a fluorescent flag at least 15 foot high. Not just any flag, though – a fluorescent orange one.

Blog (link is external) points out this is taller than the clearance of many bridges, not to mention the risks it could pose to riders passing above-ground electrical utilities. One bike Missouri bike shop has rigged up a compliant flag for illustration (on a kid’s bike).

According to the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation (link is external) , this is just the latest action in the state “couched in the language of reason” but intended to keep cyclists off the […]

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