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Six superbikes to see at the Bespoked show in April

Six superbikes to see at the Bespoked show in April

1 / 25 bespoked superbikes 15.jpg Some of the stunning bikes you can see at the Bespoked show in April

Bespoked, the UK’s only celebration of handmade bicycles, takes place on 15-17th April in Bristol and among the many exhibits will be these six superbikes. This is a mere amuse-bouche to whet your appetite, you can expect there to be many other superbikes on display at the show in Bristol.

Baum’s £10,500 titanium Corretto

Australian brand Baum has built up a pretty good reputation over the years and it’s largely down to the stunning paint jobs it treats its creations to. The top-end model in the company’s range is the Ti Corretto, a fully customised frame built to the exact requirements and specifications of an individual rider. Such customisation doesn’t come cheap however, and neither will speccing it with the Campagnolo Super Record and Enve wheels, such a build would cost you £10,500. Well, you’re hardly going to put Tiagra on such a frame are you? Prices for Baum bikes do start at £5,800. “The Corretto is our attempt to do away with the usual cycling dichotomies of weight and longevity, acceleration and road feel,” says Baum. “Feather light and tough enough […]

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