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Video: Cyclist filmed slipstreaming bus at 70kph

Video: Cyclist filmed slipstreaming bus at 70kph

A man on a hybrid bike with rucksack and trainers was spotted slipstreaming a bendy bus at 70kph in Barcelona motorway tunnel A cyclist has been filmed performing a unique commuting stunt, drafting a bendy bus at 70kph on a motorway tunnel in Barcelona.

In a video uploaded to YouTube filmed from a passing car, a man on a hybrid bike, wearing a fluoro yellow jacket, rucksack and trainers, can be seen pedalling along inches from the rear of the bus through a tunnel on the B10 motorway that skirts the Eastern edge of the city, the Ronda Litoral De Barcelona.

However the driver who filmed the slipstreaming stunt – and his own speedometer – on a mobile phone, while also travelling 70kph, is taking his own risks – using a phone while driving in the city is illegal. He can be heard in the video repeating the phrase “el puto amo”, which translates as “the [swear word] man".

Don’t try this at home, kids.



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