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What does cycling mean to YOU?

What does cycling mean to YOU?

We asked Cycling Weekly readers what cycling means to them: not the dictionary definition of ‘cycling’, but what extra dimension it brings to their life Suffolk Spinner preview ride The freedom, fun and fitness aspects of cycling mean different things to different people. Collect together any group of cyclists, and you’ll often get wildly different answers to why they ride, and what they get out of it.

For some it’s the ideal release from the stresses of work (or even home life), a way to unwind and relax. For others it’s a way of getting fit, sometimes alone and sometimes in the company of friends.

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There are few sports or past-times that can offer as much as cycling can. There are few people who can accurately claim that swimming, darts or hockey can provide them with a means of getting to work.

We recently asked Cycling Weekly readers what cycling meant to them, and here are a selection of their answers.

Feel free to add in your answer in the comment section below. To me, cycling means getting outside and having fun, being free, getting away from everything […]

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