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A1 Coaching: Know your numbers and set your threshold

A1 Coaching: Know your numbers and set your threshold

Know your numbers and set your threshold You’ve probably heard people talking about ‘the numbers’, from the club rider at the local time trial, to Bradley Wiggins’ hour record, or the release of Chris Froome’s performance data.

What are these numbers? In basic terms, they’re simply a means of describing physiological performance, which can be measured in a standardised way.

Here I’m going to explain what your most important number is – your ‘threshold’ – and describe a key performance test you can do to find that number. Based on that data, I will then explain how to set up your unique training zones.

This series is about getting more speed with less training and in the last post I explained the need to embrace this new knowledge and method. Therefore, taking the time to get a grasp of these strategies is a key step in your development as an athlete and the gateway to structured, time-efficient, smart training.

As a first step on this journey I’ve described the three basic physiological systems which have to be targeted, and summarised the main training zones. By getting to know your threshold and setting training zones as I’ll describe here, you can begin tailoring training […]

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