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A1 Coaching: Smart weekly training for maximum performance

A1 Coaching: Smart weekly training for maximum performance

You don’t need to choose between cycling and having a life Now you’ve learned about testing your threshold and setting your training zones, what does this mean for your weekly training programme?

If used properly it means that you will no longer be riding like the ‘headless chicken’, with no specific purpose or focus. It also means you won’t have to choose between your job, your partner and cycling, because you can get more performance on less time.

If you like this blog and want to know more about building a perfect winter base programme, click here for free access to A1 Coaching’s Winter Training Video Series. Cycling needn’t mean a lifestyle redesign

It is important for all of us to grasp that amateur cycling shouldn’t be about lifestyle redesign. We cycle for fun but enjoy the challenge of competition or fast sportives or gran fondos. As coaches in daily contact with numerous clients, we’re constantly mindful of our clients’ need to balance their training with family and work commitments, and have constantly found that this is possible with the right training formula.

When this system is highly refined it’s possible to be a top domestic rider while working 40 hours […]

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