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Could Ford be about to launch its own range of bikes?

Could Ford be about to launch its own range of bikes?

Ford Mode: Me could be a part of your commute in the not-too-distant future Fore ModeMe bikes There ahave been plenty of stories in recent weeks that show that Ford is taking more of an interest in cycling. First, it signed up to sponsor a new domestic women’s team , before being confirmed as the new car supplier for Team Sky . The next question to ask is could it go a step further and release its own range of bikes?

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Well, surprisingly, this isn’t such an outlandish suggestion as it might seem. In fact, Dr Ken Washington, the company’s Vice President of Research and Advanced Engineering, has told Clean Technica that Ford is “very serious” about making its own bicycles. The Ford ModeMe is packed full of features (Credit: Ford) However don’t expect anything along the lines of other bikes made by car brands, such as those from Caterham , McLaren , and Ferrari , all of which are entirely performance-focused. Instead Ford is putting its efforts into developing a foldable e-bike which it envisages could fulfill some of the demands of a multi-modal commute.

The Ford Mode: […]

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