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Ford sees folding e-bikes as the future of transport

Ford sees folding e-bikes as the future of transport

Anticipates growing demand for foldable e-bikes which can be used in combination with car, bus, or train travel Ford believes that folding e-bikes will become a key aspect of urban travel in the near future. Describing the firm as ‘very serious’ about bikes, Ford’s vice president for research and advanced engineering, Dr Ken Washington, said he felt there was a market for e-bikes which can be taken on public transport in particular.

At the Detroit North American International Auto Show this week, Washington, together with Techstars Mobility managing director Ted Serbinski, gave a presentation about Ford’s mobility solutions entitled “Finding New Ways To Move You”.

The firm’s main focus, at present, is on two areas: bikes and flexible use and ownership of vehicles. Asked by Clean Technica (link is external) afterwards how serious Ford was about the former, Washington replied simply: “We are very serious about bicycles.”

We’ve previously reported on two of Ford’s folding e-bikes and how they form part of the company’s Smart Mobility Plan, a vision of moving people around and through cities in the future.

Washington believes that conventional bikes are not a solution for everyone, requiring a certain level of fitness and also a certain amount of […]

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