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Highways England promises £100million boost for cycle-friendly junctions

Highways England promises £100million boost for cycle-friendly junctions

Two hundred projects designed to make cycling safer and more accessible have been announced by Highways England Cycling in the UK may be more popular than ever, but road design and infrastructure is widely seen to be lagging dangerously behind. That situation may be set to improve with government plans worth £100million to improve cycling conditions at a number of major motorway junction crossings and A-roads.

Highways England, the government-owned company that manages roads and transport routes across the country, has stated that the money will be used to "provide new cycling facilities which are safe, separate from traffic and can be used by cyclists of all abilities".

£100 million has been pledged to cover 200 projects, which are due to be completed over the course of the next five years up to 2021 as part of the government’s road investment strategy. Forty of the projects have already been started and will be completed by spring 2016.

The investment is part of government aims to make cycling safer and reduce congestion, transport minister Andrew Jones said. "This important work is part of a transformational programme to make travelling by bike a more attractive option – great news for cyclists and motorists." he […]

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