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How to recover from an IT band injury

How to recover from an IT band injury

it band The iliotibial band is a strong, thick strip of fibrous tissue running down the outside of the leg. Along with the quadriceps (thigh muscles), it provides stability to the outside of the knee joint while running.

ITB syndrome is a common cause of knee and hip pain in athletes, most commonly felt along the outside (lateral) knee and lower thigh during or after running; it can become chronic if left untreated. You can continue with any activity that doesn’t provoke symptoms, so in this case swimming is fine. Running is usually the most aggravating discipline, so it’s wise to reduce your run volume while you identify the underlying cause of the problem.

The first possible cause is running mechanics: poor lower-limb alignment can overload the IT band, specifically if your knee collapses in on your landing foot. Poor control of pronation of the foot and ankle is a cause, so change your trainers regularly and keep your insoles up to date and refurbished. Hip abductor weakness can also be a factor, particularly in the gluteus medius muscle that helps control and stabilise the pelvis as you plant your foot.

A sharp increase in training load or volume can lead […]

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