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Martyn Ashton: “My job is to inspire people”

Martyn Ashton: “My job is to inspire people”

Martyn Ashton’s life was changed by a serious accident two years ago. CW finds out about the former world champion’s remarkable return Single use-Martyn Ashton-credit Martyn Ashton-Animal It takes an awful lot of energy to be miserable, so I just choose not to be,” says Martyn Ashton. “My job was, and still is, to inspire people with bicycles.”

The 41-year-old former mountain bike trials world champion was paralysed from the waist down after damaging his spinal cord during an exhibition at Silverstone in September 2013.

Despite being principally an MTB star, Ashton had won the hearts of roadies just a few months earlier when the wildly successful ‘Road Bike Party’ YouTube video .

“I’d always loved road bikes and I just wanted to get on a really expensive road bike and see if we could do the stuff we did on mountain bikes.”

The answer was that he could: the jaw-droppingly spectacular stunts Ashton pulled on a road machine were an instant hit, winning him millions of new fans. “We thought we might get 100,000 views in total. We hit that number within the first hour of it going live.”

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