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We pick the best brakes, wheels, tyres and other essential upgrades for your road bike So here it is, the final instalment in our series of articles commemorating the best bikes, accessories and clothing we’ve tested in the past year. Today we pick 15 of the best cycling products reviewed in 2015, and we’re talking here about common upgrades such as wheels, tyres, handlebars, pedals and other key components.

As before, we’ve linked through to retailers in the heading and you can read the full in-depth review for each product as well, in case you want to find out more. Why are these products here? These are the components that have scored the highest. That means we can wholeheartedly recommend them. And you can be sure they’re going to enhance your cycling enjoyment.

We’ve tested some very high-quality products this past year. This article aims to provide a list of interesting components in different categories and price points, with an eye on price and value for money, as well as performance for the intended purpose. Something for everyone, we hope.

There have been some notable trends this year, as evidenced by this list. Rims are getting wider, as are tyres, and tubeless […]

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