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Seven things to do if you can’t get out cycling

Seven things to do if you can’t get out cycling

The weather outside is frightful, as the man once sang. Ice, sub-zero temperatures and a sprinkling of snow aren’t the best conditions to be out cycling, so a lot of us are stuck indoors, noses pressed against the window waiting for the thaw.

All is not lost. Although it probably feels like your fitness is ebbing away with every extra chocolate digestive that you consume to keep your spirits up (be honest, now) there are plenty of things to keep you fit and getting ready for the cycling year ahead Indoor cycling sessions

Let’s get this one out of the way first. If you can’t cycle outside then the obvious thing to do is cycle inside. Although the turbo trainer or rollers are often viewed as an instrument of torture that can simultaneously and miraculously make time stand still, it’s hard to beat to keep your fitness levels up.

We’ve put together a set of turbo sessions to help you put some variety into your indoor training.

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Put on some uplifting music, or catch up with some of your missed TV shows on a laptop next to you. At an hour each episode, many TV series […]

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