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Trek 1.2£650.00

Trek 1.2£650.00

The 2016 Trek 1.2 has potential, but its tyres and brakes hold it back (or fail to) We so often expect the finest from Trek, and more than a few BikeRadar staff personally own bikes from the American brand. Sadly, the 1.2 just left us wanting more when we rode it back-to-back with its latest direct competitors as part of our best entry-level 2016 road bikes shootout.

Looking on the bright side, there are very few bad bikes when looking at the biggest and most trusted brands. And the 1.2 isn’t a bad bike by any stretch of the imagination, but it does need a few small component upgrades in order to showcase its true potential. Balanced and reactive ride, some nerve-wracking kit choices

The 1.2 places the rider in an easy and upright riding position Featuring Trek ’s well-respected ‘H2’ geometry, the 1.2 offers a comfortable ride position for the recreational cyclist. With this, the front-end height of the 1.2 allows for a reasonably upright position, without compromising the descending composure of the bike.

The 1.2’s handling is a strong point and compared favourably against all the bikes in our shootout, with a good feel for the road in both […]

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