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veloToze shoe covers£15.00

veloToze shoe covers£15.00

veloToze are latex rubber shoe covers that are wind and waterproof Among cyclists, it’s not uncommon for riders to carry a set of latex gloves as a ‘just-in-case’ when it gets cold and wet. While they won’t get you through an all day epic with warm hands, they will get you home in a bind. VeloToze are essentially the same idea, but for your feet. Made from latex rubber, nothing gets in or out. Did we mention they’re hard to put on?: Ever tried to tie a water balloon with your teeth? We’d say that’s only marginally harder than putting on veloToze

It’s a bit of a battle to get the Tall shoe covers on; you put on your sock, put the cover on and over your foot, roll it onto your leg, put your shoe on and finally wrestle the cover back over your shoe. You’ll definitely want to set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier if you plan to wear veloToze and not miss your morning group ride. While the tall covers are great in the rain, we reach for the toe covers much more often: veloToze makes toe covers too

In addition to the tall […]

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