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Video: Cyclist has words with driver in Aldi after “punishment pass”

Video: Cyclist has words with driver in Aldi after "punishment pass"

“You have a bike lane” It seems that supermarkets are increasingly becoming the place to take motorists to task about close passes. This latest example, in a Bolton branch of Aldi, does however seem rather more justified than when a man challenged a woman in a Lidl car park last year .

The latest footage was captured by Grahame Cooper, a computing professor and retired lecturer at the University of Salford, who writes the Bike-Riding Motorist blog (link is external) .

He believes the motorist seen in the video carried out an intentional ‘punishment pass’ because he wasn’t using a bike lane.

Being as they were both going to Aldi, he decided to confront him in there. The driver’s defence is perhaps most notable for his impressively frequent use of the phrase ‘bike lane’. “He was in front of me in Aldi so I just thought I would leave the camera running and ask him politely to give me more room. “Before the second overtake there is a cycle lane but I couldn’t use it because it’s over the apex of a bend and I’ve been cut up there a lot of times before. “Also, there was a tanker crash before […]

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