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Your complete guide to Giant’s 2016 road bikes

Your complete guide to Giant’s 2016 road bikes

Everything you need to know to decide on the best bike for you Taiwanese brand Giant is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world with a huge range of road bikes designed with various different types of riding in mind.

The vast number of models might seem daunting at first but the range is structured very logically so it’s actually pretty easy to work out which is the best choice for you.

Giant also has a women’s specific brand called Liv (link is external) that offers an impressively large range. TCR range

The TCR bikes are performance-type road bikes that are designed to be lightweight, stiff and agile, roughly the equivalent of a Trek Emonda or a Specialized Tarmac.

All the TCR models all made from carbon-fibre, although various grades of carbon-fibre, and they come in race geometries: low and stretched.

Giant has updated the frames of all of the TCR models for 2016, the idea being to offer the best stiffness-to-weight possible. • TCR Advanced SL Whereas brands like Trek, Merida and Bianchi have all introduced superlight race bikes to the market recently and other brands have concentrated on improving aerodynamic efficiency, Giant has gone after stiffness-to-weight.The TCR Advanced SL is […]

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