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BMC Etixx team on the rise

BMC Etixx team on the rise

At the outfit’s Lanza winter camp, we talk teams in tri, Brit Ironman stars and media coverage with general manager Bob de Wolf From the earliest days of multisport, tri teams have had a troubled existence. Despite initial fanfare, the touted likes of Commerzbank and Tri-Dubai have both folded due to a lack of funds or declining interest from those who write the cheques.

The Belgian-based operation (and recently rechristened) BMC Etixx Pro Triathlon Team are hoping to change this with self-sufficiency, a new sponsor in rising nutrition brand Etixx and a wealth of non-drafting stars targeting Ironman glory.

We caught up with the (brilliantly-surnamed) general manager Bob de Wolf at their major pre-season camp at Sands Resort in a naturally windy Lanzarote. Here the Belgian Kona finisher expands on the teams goals, new British signing David McNamee and why teams are the future for long-course athletes…

220: The last time we spoke to you was at the team launch in 2014. What has changed since then for the outfit?

de Wolf: We had very high ambitions as a team in 2014 and said we want to become the most successful team in the world with our 10 athletes. Looking […]

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