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How to resume your training after a break

How to resume your training after a break

Restarting after a break can be daunting, but there are ways to ease the pain explains Vicky Ware Indoor Smart turbo training for winter by Chris Catchpole (43)-2 The prospect of getting back into training after a normal off-season break can be intimidating, but getting started after you’ve fallen off the training wagon — for example, following a prolonged Christmas break rthat soon become a new year break, too — is even more difficult.

Training plans , alas, don’t cover how to get back on track if you’re a usually well-trained cyclist who’s ‘accidentally’ spent eight weeks lying around gorging on mince pies, port and puddings.

Help is at hand, though, as sport scientist Elliot Lipski from Train Sharp Cycle Coaching shares some of his restart rules.

What’s the key to returning to training? “Don’t go in full steam ahead,” Lipski says.

“We’ve all been guilty of leaping back in to training after a period off the bike, but more isn’t always best. I recommend taking at least 10 per cent off your target [power or time] numbers, and building into the sessions.” The essentials

Start and build slowly Back off if you start to feel injury niggles Rest is important All […]

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