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A1 Coaching: The art of recovery

A1 Coaching: The art of recovery

Recovery is a crucial component of training Often the major influence on a rider’s performance is not talent, but available training hours. However, if you’re limited to less than 10 hours per week, there is another strategy you can combine with high-intensity training to compensate for the lack of time. This is high-quality recovery.

There is an added bonus if you work in a sedentary job, because you can turn this into a positive by re-labelling some work time as ‘recovery time’!

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The main principle to keep at the forefront of your mind is that training hours allow for the possibility of increased fitness levels, but improvement only occurs with proper recovery.

Therefore, the process of getting fit happens when you’re resting and adapting to the training – not when you are actually training.

This is extremely important and, as a coach, I frequently have problems with highly-motivated athletes who struggle with the idea of ‘sacrificing’ training time for high-quality recovery. So, I am going to repeat it to […]

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