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Cambridge college sends abandoned student bikes to Africa

Cambridge college sends abandoned student bikes to Africa

Bikes are sold for charity or repaired and shipped to Africa A Cambridge University college is donating all bikes left behind by students to a charity that sends them to Africa.

St John’s College, which finds dozens of bike abandoned by graduating students, or damaged beyond use.

They will now be donated to OWL Bikes – part of the disability charity Papworth Trust, who will repair and renovate them before selling them on at a discount to the public, or sending them to Africa to ease the burden on people who have to travel long distances for food, water and work.

Before claiming the bikes, the college porters will attempt to trace the bike’s owner, then impound it for a month to enable students to be reunited first.

Head porter at St John’s College, Steve Poppitt, told Cambridge News (link is external) : "The abandoned bikes that we find are often damaged and unusable or have been left behind by students who have since graduated.

"Like a lot of people in Cambridge, many staff and members of the College use a bicycle to get around town and, with limited cycle parking facilities available, it is important that any abandoned bikes are identified and […]

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