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Merida Ride 200

Merida Ride 200

The Merida Ride 200 is a solid choice for cyclists who are happy to trade off performance for an upright ride As a Taiwanese mega-manufacturer, Merida possesses reams of knowhow and buying power. With this, we often expect to see high value on offer from the brand.

We tested the 2016 Merida Ride 200 against five other big-brand budget road bikes. If you’re reading this in the UK, the Ride 200 isn’t offered at the time of writing – but the models directly above (Ride 300) and below (Ride 100) are, both of which share the same frame, fork and many components in common. For those in the United States, the Merida brand is unfortunately not available at all. The 2016 merida ride 200 is a bike built for the casual road cyclist: The 2016 Merida Ride 200 Upright, comfortable – and no racer

The Merida Ride 200 offers by far the most upright ride position of the six bikes we tested, and is one suited to the rider seeking an ultimately relaxed position. For those with pre-existing neck or back issues, this position could prove ideal, and won’t call on needing to further adapt the bike to your needs. […]

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