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Cyclist tailgated by car – on London Cycle Superhighway

Cyclist tailgated by car - on London Cycle Superhighway

Incident yesterday evening happened across road from TfL HQ A London cyclist has tweeted a picture of a car that tailgated him on the North-South Cycle Superhighway in Southwark, despite the route, which is physically separated from the main carriageway, being clearly marked as only for bicycles.

Alec James, who recently left Sustrans to join the press office of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, posted the picture to Twitter yesterday evening. It was taken across the road from the Blackfriars Road headquarters of Transport for London (TfL).

Asked by cycling author Carlton Reid, executive editor of BikeBiz, whether (link is external) he believed it was on purpose or a mistake, he said the person was “certainly driving like they knew it,” adding that you “can do pretty much what you like on the roads on Sunday evening.”

When the separated bike lane on Vauxhall Bridge opened late last year, attention from media outlets such as LBC was on cyclists who choose to ride (quite legally) on the main carriageway instead.

But there has been little about the danger posed to bike riders by motorists taking illegally to the Cycle Superhighways.

In Cambridge, metal bollards were put in place to stop drivers […]

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