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Orbea Occam TR M-Ltd£5,599.00

Orbea Occam TR M-Ltd£5,599.00

The Orbea Occam TR M-Ltd is one sweet-looking ride. But in this build, it’s also a slightly confused one If bikes could be scored on looks alone, the expensive but stunningly built Occam TR M-Ltd would be well ahead of the pack. The clean full carbon frame mates well with the semi-concealed Fox Float DPS shock, while the kit hanging off the frame is a who’s who of high-end bike machinery.

As it turns out, we can’t just score on appearances alone, but that’s no bad thing for Orbea. In this case the looks aren’t cashing cheques the ride can’t handle. Fast and furious

The Occam TR is built around Orbea’s UFO suspension technology. The carbon rear end has no pivot at the rear axle, but relies on the seatstays’ flex as it moves through its travel. Orbea says this not only keeps weight low (as there’s no metal pivot) but stiffness is also improved. On the trail there’s no stiffness issues and, with a complete weight of 11.9kg, it’s certainly no heavyweight. No pivots back here, thanks to cleverly engineered carbon seatstays The suspension is smooth, no doubt helped by the large DPS air can on the shock, […]

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