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Fears for future of London cycling plans after mayoral election

Fears for future of London cycling plans after mayoral election

Funding cuts and uncertainty over cycling commissioner role raise concerns With less than four months to go until the London Mayoral elections, it is unclear whether Boris Johnson’s successor as mayor will have the drive, the support – or indeed the budget – to follow through current plans for cycling infrastructure in the capital.

Concerns have also been raised over whether whoever takes office in May – likely to be either fellow Tory Zac Goldsmith, or Labour’s Sadiq Khan – will continue to have a cycling commissioner, a position created by Mr Johnson when he appointed Andrew Gilligan to it in 2013.

Last week, the website Mayorwatch (link is external) described that appointment as “one of the wisest decisions” of Johnson’s mayoralty and urged his successor to retain Mr Gilligan in the role.

“Boris’s reputation as ‘the cycling mayor’ means the plaudits and praise for improving cycle safety inevitably head his way,” it said.

“But much of the heavy lifting, such as sitting through public consultation sessions and meetings with local council planners, as well as pouring over the fine detail of TfL’s plans, has been done by Gilligan.

“Those who thought he would ultimately prove to be a mere figurehead for City […]

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