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Garmin Edge 25 bike computer£140.00

Garmin Edge 25 bike computer£140.00

Attachment is via Garmin’s usual quarter-turn mounting system In the space of just a few years, GPS-enabled cycle computers have all but taken over from traditional units thanks to ever more competitive pricing, and the wealth of data gathering technology on offer. Helped by the rise and rise of Strava, Garmin has ridden the crest of the wave, offering devices to suit a range of budgets and needs.

The new Edge 25 is the company’s second cheapest bike computer, sitting one rung above the Edge 20 in the range. It’s a spiritual successor to the Edge 200, but smaller, lighter and slightly more capable.

In fact, the Edge 25 is tiny, measuring just 40x42x17mm, and weighing 30g including its mount – that’s only just over half what the Edge 200 came in at, and that was a fairly diminutive object already. All functions are controlled through the four buttons on the 25’s sides, and it uses the same quarter-turn mounting system as all other Garmins. Dimensions are a tiny 40x42x17mm, and it weighs only 30g Where previous units had awkward rubber flaps to cover their charging ports, the Edge 25 has external contacts that mate with a proprietary USB cable. Nevertheless, […]

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