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Giant Defy 3£649.00

Giant Defy 3£649.00

The 2016 Giant Defy 3 is a solid starter road bike and represents great value for money The Giant Defy is a bike the BikeRadar team knows well, and for good reason. Given the brand is the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer, it’s not surprising to find the 2016 Defy 3 as one of the highest scoring bikes in our best entry-level road bikes grouptest .

The Defy is a bike that makes no claims to being the fastest, lightest or stiffest. Instead, its design focuses on ride comfort, control and being a bike to suit the ‘everyday’ road cyclist. The giant defy is a bike that’s commonly scored well with the team at bikeradar, and the 2016 defy 3 is no different : The 2016 Giant Defy 3 A smooth, confident and controlled experience

Getting set up on the Defy 3 is a straightforward affair. The size range is made simple, and unless you’re extremely tall, you’re likely to find a bike that fits well.

In its stock setup, the handlebar height is reasonably upright and comfortable, without being so high to cause nervous wobbles or loss of pedaling efficiency. This position is something that should make newer riders feel right […]

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