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Tacx Neo Smart£1,200.00

Tacx Neo Smart£1,200.00

The Tacx Neo Smart provides a smooth, quiet ride with resistance that’s controllable by a variety of apps. Unusually for a smart trainer, you can also use it unplugged Smart trainers are resistance units that wirelessly interact with apps and software to both record your efforts and control the resistance to replicate hills or regulate intervals. In this category, the Tacx Neo Smart is in many ways the best there is.

Shaped like Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle from the latest Star Wars, the Neo Power is sturdy, stable, quiet — and emits changing colors of LED light depending on how hard you’re pedaling. With ANT+ and Bluetooth capabilities, the Neo Power is simple to connect to software like Zwift, TrainerRoad or KinoMap, and the changes in resistance as you pedal through virtual worlds or stomp through interval sessions is fluid and smooth. Further, the Neo Power has the most accurate power measurement of any smart trainer we’ve tried, using SRM and Stages power meters as comparative tools.

So what’s the catch? Well, primarily the price.

We have four other small nits to pick: the small wobble at the axle, the fact that the Tacx computer software is PC-only, the need for a […]

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