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10 of the best Shimano Ultegra-equipped road bikes

10 of the best Shimano Ultegra-equipped road bikes

Looking for a new bike and want Shimano Ultegra? Here are ten options from £1,050 to £3,199 What are the key factors when choosing a new road bike? It might be price, purpose, style, weight, but for some, it might very well come down to what groupset the bike is equipped with. And one of the most popular groupsets is Shimano’s Ultegra, a groupset that combines a competitive price with top-level performance.

So we thought we’d do a roundup of road bikes fitted with Shimano’s Ultegra groupset. We’re going to focus on the mechanical 6800 version of the groupset because it covers a wider range of prices. We’ll do a roundup of Ultegra Di2 bikes if you really want us too, though. pitting Shimano Ultegra against its rival SRAM Force, If you read Mat’s head to head feature, you’ll know that Ultegra-equipped bikes can range in price from about £1,000 right up to £3,000 or more. That means there’s a wide selection of bikes to choose from, with different frame materials and riding purpose, and a choice of disc brakes or aero frames.

Some bikes will feature a full Shimano Ultegra groupset, but at both extremes of the price spectrum, you’re […]

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