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Chris Froome: An undiminished will to win

Chris Froome: An undiminished will to win

The two-time Tour de France champion opens up about the pressures of stardom, the challenges ahead and his undiminished will to win

How many times have you tried riding your bike with one hand on the handlebars and with the other wheeling another bike along with you?

It’s tricky, even for someone who spends his or her life cycling. So tricky that when Chris Froome tried it last August to take his road and time trial bikes down to the car wash near his home in Monaco, he fell off.

The tale appeared in last December’s report in Esquire about Froome’s physiological data (more on that later) where it was a funny little anecdote that explained Froome’s grazed knees when he went for testing in August that year, albeit one which was drowned out by the clamour over VO2 max and weight loss.

What made it really remarkable is not that Chris Froome fell off his bike — he has a track record of doing that quite a lot — but that a sport star like him would even consider riding his own bikes down to the car wash to clean them just a couple of weeks after winning his second Tour […]

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