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Cycling deals on a stunning Pinarello, Lusso bibs, & BTwin

Cycling deals on a stunning Pinarello, Lusso bibs, & BTwin

The DealCatcher has some great deals today including the Pinarello Razha T2 & a BTwin 500 Warm jacket The DealCatcher’s been busy again today, trawling the open cycling retail oceans for goodies hidden in the depths.

The haul he’s returned with today features big fish like the bargain bike from Team Sky’s bike manufacturer of choice which tops our list today, and Lusso’s current-weather-appropriate Windtex Bibtights.

The Pinarello Razha T2 which gets this edition of the DealCatcher up and running should fulfill that luxurious hole in your bike collection – that is, if you like wavey frames, and fancy paint jobs.

After that, Vanilla Bikes’ offering of a pair of Lusso Windtex Bibtights not only keep up with the colour scheme set earlier by the Pinarello, but they also represent fantastic value at 45% off.

Finally, Decathlon weigh in with their BTwin 500 Warm Cycling Jacket which we reviewed last week. At 34% off you’ll struggle to find anything warmer for anywhere close to this value. Halfords

The enigmatic Pinarello: a pioneer in bike design, or an abomination in the face of the simplistic beauty of a bicycle. Regardless of your opinions on design and the preservation of the timeless design of the […]

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