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Homemade sports nutrition is easier than you might think

Homemade sports nutrition is easier than you might think

Store cupboard sports fuel can be cheap, tasty and easy to make Walk into any bike shop and you’ll be hit by the vast number of different sports foods and supplements that are available to you. Leaf through a cycling magazine and the adverts for nutrition products are plentiful. These sports foods often provide good quality nutrients in a convenient and, most importantly for cyclists, speedy way.

Ultimately though, many are made from everyday ingredients, the type that you’ll no doubt find lurking in your fridge or cupboard. The main difference is that the sports foods you’ll find in a shop have been slightly modified to make them as effective as possible at what they’re intended to do.

A sports drink is really only sugar, salt and water put together in ratios to enhance sugar and water absorption, and a shop-bought product will get those ratios spot-on. But with a little imagination you can use real food alternatives. You just need to know how to do it.

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