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Pace RC127£2,300.00

Pace RC127£2,300.00

It’s fair to say the Pace RC127 has been a good while in the making When you’re one of the most iconic, pioneering mountain bike brands releasing your first new bike in a while it’s a big deal. Especially when you’re releasing it into a mountain bike gene pool that’s recently been changing its DNA faster and more radically than at any other time in the MTB timeline.

In fact we’ve actually featured previous ‘final prototype’ versions of this bike before, but now fastidious Pace designer and ferociously fast rider Adrian Carter promises us this is definitely the full production version of the long awaited RC127. Still steel

One thing that Carter has stuck with throughout the RC127 design process is tough, taut but still forgiving Reynolds 853 steel alloy. It’s long enough to be short stem-friendly now though, with a 67-degree head angle and low chainguide-tabbed bottom bracket.

The skinny tapered head tube uses external bearing cups but the 38mm down tube and 35mm top tube and seat tube are a bigger diameter than normal with a throat gusset and further reinforcement on the chainstays, so they can splay wide enough to accommodate 2.4in treads. Adjustable dropouts give singlespeed […]

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