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Bruce Berkeley answers his ‘disqualification’ from cycling year record

Bruce Berkeley answers his ‘disqualification’ from cycling year record

After being ‘disqualified’ from having his cycling highest annual mileage attempt recognised by the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association, Dave Bruce Berkeley issues a statement Bruce Berkeley Credit: Bruce Berkeley/Strava London-based cyclist Dave Bruce Berkeley has issued a statement after the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association said that it would not recognise his attempt on the highest annual mileage record (HAM’R).

The UMCA announced on Sunday that Berkeley – known more commonly as Bruce or ‘Cycle Doctor’, after his bike mechanic business – was disqualified from his attempt due to non-compliance with the rules. Berkeley says that this was due to not forwarding a joining fee to UMCA, due to an administrative oversight, and failure to provide an approved tracking device – and says that his attempt will be ratified by Guinness World Records .

“Bruce Berkeley has been officially disqualified in his HAM’R attempt,” said the UMCA in its statement . “He was not in compliance with the rules when he started. The UMCA gave him several chances to become compliant but he did nothing to avail himself of those chances. He never came into full compliance.

“Of course, he may continue to ride, but his mileage will not be certified by UMCA. […]

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