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Lapierre unveils new Aerostorm DRS time trial bike

Lapierre unveils new Aerostorm DRS time trial bike

Host of changes in the pursuit of speed for Lapierre’s new TT bike With the 2016 pro race season getting underway, we’re starting to see new bikes and equipment being revealed, and French bicycle brand Lapierre has just whipped the covers off its brand new time trial bike, the Aerostorm DRS.

The company has been busy. Last year it launched lighter versions of both the Xelius and Aircode, and now it’s turned its attention to updating its time trial bike. The Aerostorm has been in its range for a few years now but it’s been working with the FDJ professional cycling team it sponsors to find some improvements.

Naturally, it has focused on improving the aerodynamic performance. What else. Dubbed Drag Reduction System (DRS), it has followed the current trend for integrating the stem and handlebars into the top of the fork, so the cockpit sits flush with the top tube. It’s about reducing the frontal surface area, and getting the front-end lower as well.

Lapierre says the bike was designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) which pretty much every bike company uses now to develop a new frame, and then verified its findings with real-world testing at the Roubaix velodrome and […]

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