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London tube strikes planned for next week

London tube strikes planned for next week

Winter weather will provide new challenges to newbie commuters, but cycling still the best way to commute during the strike, say campaigners Three 24 hour tube strikes, planned within the next month could see far more cyclists on London’s roads than usual, and newbie cyclists are advised to be prepared for colder weather than during previous strikes.

The walkouts, due to start on the evenings of Tuesday 26 th January, and Monday 15 th and Wednesday 17 th February, follow a breakdown in talks over pay and conditions between unions and Transport for London in plans to introduce a “night tube”.

During last year’s strikes in August and June, London’s roads were more than usually congested with motor traffic, and while bus passengers squeezed together cheek by jowl, (link is external) London cycle lanes were packed with new commuters (link is external) . More than 23 million rides were logged across the country on Strava during 30 th June tube strike, making it the app’s busiest day of the year in the UK.

The London Cycling Campaign’s Infrastructure Campaigner, Simon Munk, says tube strikes can be the perfect time to start cycling to work.

Munk told “Cycling is a great way […]

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