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The five key areas of training for road cyclists

The five key areas of training for road cyclists

Pay attention to these five main areas of training By paying special attention to these five areas of cycling training, you’ll be able to cope with most things no matter what your level of ability. Give the routines a read through, then adjust your own training to make sure you cover each discipline.

You’ll definitely need to find out your maximum heart rate for some of the exercises. To do this, climb a long, steady hill seated, upping the pace every five minutes. When you can go no faster, stand up and sprint for 15 seconds. Stop and take your heart rate.

These five cornerstones of training will set you up to make the most of your cycling, as long as you pay good attention to each specialty. 1. Hill training

Hill training is a great way to get more speed with less training: It’s all about power – you need more of it in your legs to fly up those inclines comfortably without leaving all your energy behind. Gym sessions that strengthen your leg and back muscles undoubtedly help, but you don’t want to put on too much bulk as this will ultimately slow you down on your bike.

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