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X-Fusion Sweep Roughcut HLR£550.00

X-Fusion Sweep Roughcut HLR£550.00

The X-Fusion Sweep Roughcut HLR delivers competitive performance at a market-smashing price X-Fusion has come almost from out of nowhere to dominate the mid-range fork market. That’s with good reason: the brand offers suspension performance that’s almost on a par with the top end offerings of the big hitters, without their hefty price tags.

The Sweep uses a 34mm chassis that’s been around for a while, except here it’s with a 46mm offset to suit the middle size wheelers. The sealed, high and low speed compression adjustable Roughcut damper is all new.

This means that for committed tinkerers and tweakers it’s sublime, allowing a level of adjustment to suit you own riding style and the trail conditions that many more expensive forks struggle to match. The all-alloy adjusters add a quality feel to the fork and the compression detents (the clicks that separate each step of adjustment) are nice and sharp. Build quality is solid and trail feel nicely nuanced But it’s not just the adjustability that’s amazing; it’s the on-trail performance too. It’s taut-feeling, with travel carefully rationed out as needed. While there are no volume spacers on offer to tune the bottom out stroke of the fork, you can […]

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