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85 Miles of Wiltshire – Riding the Wildcat

85 Miles of Wiltshire – Riding the Wildcat

We get Rob Hoyles, Cycling Weekly sub editor’s, take on riding the epic route of the Wiltshire Wildcat – the season opener of the Cycling Weekly Sportive Series. Driving west towards Salisbury, ‘apprehensive’ is the only word to accurately describe my mood. ‘Nervous’ would be a bad choice, as would ‘worried’. Sure, I’d completed plenty of harder, longer rides than this before, but they had always been off the back of a decent block of training or at least during an uninterrupted period of riding: at a point when my weight and fitness intersected at a tangent I’d like to call ‘not bad for an old bloke’. I try to ignore the anxiety and look forward to a good day in the saddle; after all, history says this ride shouldn’t be a problem.

Today, though, feels different and I really don’t feel assured by any past triumphs, if indeed they merit the name. While I’m still knocking out around 80 miles per week commuting to work, long weekend rides have been replaced with learning new skills — having recently rediscovered mountain biking after moving from the flatlands of the Fens to just down the road from the Surrey Hills. This, […]

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