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Bruce Berkeley slams ‘so-called’ disqualification, vows to soldier on

Bruce Berkeley slams 'so-called' disqualification, vows to soldier on

Bruce Berkeley, prior to his attempt on the Year record Less than a month into his assault on the Year Record, New Zealand’s Bruce Berkeley has already hit big trouble: the Ultra-Marathon Cycling Association has decided to strike him from its record books.

Why? Well, the association says he hasn’t paid his $30 annual membership fee, nor is he using a UMCA-approved live tracking device. We’ve spoken to both sides and seen the full email chain between Bruce and UMCA records chairman Drew Clark – read on for more details…

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First things first, it looks like Berkeley will continue his attempt under the auspices of Guinness World Records. He will still aim to ride 340km every day this year, and hopes to better the current record of 76,156 miles (122,561km) set by American Kurt Searvogel earlier this month.

He told BikeRadar that the past few days have been “pretty stressful”, adding that his disqualification by UMCA is a shame.

“But it takes nothing away from my attempt,” Berkeley added. The sequence of events so far After speaking to both sides, it appears that the sequence is as follows: in December […]

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