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Friday cycling quiz: What kind of cycling fan are you?

Friday cycling quiz: What kind of cycling fan are you?

It’s time for this week’s cycling quiz, and this time we are trying to find out just what kind of cycling fan you are. We have previously set out to find the type of bike people are best suited to , how they ride in winter and which kind of cyclist they really are.

The WorldTour is just about underway with the Tour Down Under , but the proper racing of the cobbled Classics will soon be upon us.

When the professional racing is in full swing cyclists and cycling fans soon find themselves separated by just how keen they are on watching, spectating and talking about pro sport.

Thankfully, this handy quiz can help you find out which camp you’re in before the television schedules even mention eight hours of viewing on a single Sunday – and what you think about this prospect can give you an early indication of how this quiz might turn out for you.

Have a go, share it with your mates and for those who come out on the hardcore fan end of the scale, the Classics will be here soon enough, honest. What kind of cycling fan are you? Time to find out here

What kind […]

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