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#mycyclingweekend – No snow = more miles!

#mycyclingweekend - No snow = more miles!

There doesn’t appear to be any snow on the horizon this weekend, we hope, so get out and ride!… No, you’re right, snow wasn’t forecast last weekend, but that didn’t stop it from coating a number of your rides. It’s also not forecast for this weekend, but with a balmier outlook, the chances of a white #mycyclingweekend are slim.

Which means you’ve got all sorts to look forward to. Things like long climbs, fast descents, club runs, and training rides are all going to be snow free, hopefully, so there’s no excuse for you to retreat to the comfort of your front room this weekend.

If you need a bit of motivation, here are a few photos of stunning rides that you lot have sent in this week.

Starting with our very own Dave Atkinson who got things off to a particularly spectacular start this #mycyclingweekend with a trip over to the highest road pass in Wales: the Gospel Pass:

They’ve obviously been seriously snow free over in Dubai, but what they lack in the white stuff they make up for in spectacular sunsrises. #mydubai #sunrise #alqudracycletrack #mycyclingweekend #cyclingshots #goprohero4 #gopro We can’t promise a totally snow free UK this #mycyclingweekend, especially if […]

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