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Review: New Balance Beacon Capri

Review: New Balance Beacon Capri

Remember those glow-in-the-dark stars you’d stick on your bedroom ceiling as a kid? Well, niftily, these women’s capris from New Balance have similar properties .

Expose the dots on the legs to light for 10mins and they glow nicely on dark, wintery runs – plus the bright leg -panels also aid visibility. The material is excellent too, wicking sweat admirably yet keeping us warm (although we’d have preferred a full-length tight in a winter running gear range).

The fit is good and a wide waistband sitting just below the belly button stayed perfectly in place. Less positively, there are laser-cut holes that are meant to sit behind the knee to aid breathability, yet weirdly sat on the bottom of our thighs and felt a bit scratchy. A lighter mesh fabric would’ve been more successful. Additionally, the flimsy zip on the key pocket broke the first time we used it.

Verdict: Overall, they don’t shine quite as brightly as their neon spots 70%

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