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Video: behind the scenes of Danny MacAskill’s Cascadia

Video: behind the scenes of Danny MacAskill's Cascadia

Permissions, preparation and pigeon flybys: the secrets of success Behind the scenes footage of Danny MacAskill’s Cascadia film has been released, showing just how much preparation goes into producing a stunt film shot almost entirely on people’s rooftops.

What we learn is getting permission to cycle on the brightly-coloured homes of Gran Canaria is just half the battle, the other half a mix of finding the route, choreography – and co-ordinating with the local pigeon population’s daily formation display.

We’ll let the cameras do the rest of the talking The original Cascadia was filmed using GoPro Hero4 cameras in partnership with Mount Creative and Vision Ramps, including a bonus 360 degree view Virtual Reality angle (below) In case you haven’t seen the original – or want a second or third or fourth (etc) watch – the original Cascadia film is here Danny MacAskill

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