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Video: “It isn’t working” – Steve Abraham abandons Year record attempt

Video: "It isn't working" - Steve Abraham abandons Year record attempt

Milton Keynes rider had been falling further behind schedule Steve Abraham has abandoned his second attempt to break the record for the greatest distance cycled in a year.

In a video filmed last night and which includes a lengthy Q&A, the 42-year-old from Milton Keynes acknowledged that he was falling further and further behind the distance he needed to ride each day and that while he didn’t want to give up, "it isn’t working." Abraham’s attempt on the record started afresh on 8 August last year, four months after his original attempt received what proved to be a terminal setback when he was knocked off his bike by a moped rider.

Originally. Abrahams, whose Highest Annual Mileage Record attempt was being undertaken under Ultramarathon Cycling Association (UMCA) rules, had been aiming to surpass the 75,065 miles ridden by Tommy Godwin in 1939.

But earlier this month, the American Kurt Searvogel set a new record of 76,076 miles and one can only imagine the effect on Abraham, who had begun his original attempt a few days before his rival, but still faced the prospect of eight more months in the saddle.

According to the spreadsheet on the UMCA website, since Monday 11 January […]

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