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Heart-rate monitor training for cyclists

Heart-rate monitor training for cyclists

Use our heart-rate-monitor training plan to improve your cycling Using a heart rate monitor for training isn’t rocket science; it’s just a case of getting in the right zone. Here we explain how to find those zones and how to train within them.

Eddie Fletcher of Fletcher Sport Science is amazed by how many people have heart rate (HR) monitors and download all the numbers but haven’t a clue what they mean. “Men are by far the worst," he says. "They like to brag about how high their heart rate was during a session and for how long. That’s not good training at all. Find your resting heart rate, get the best idea you can of your max heart rate, and then work your zones out. That way those random numbers will start to have some meaning.” Finidng your parameters

Resting heart rate

The best way to get your resting heart rate is to take it first thing in the morning every day for a week and work out the average. Make sure you’re well rested and not ill or under any stress. Put your HR strap on and just lie there for a couple of minutes, trying to […]

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